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Safety on the mountain

The Trek Refugis del Torb has no technical difficulties, it’s only about walking. It develops between about 900 and 3000 m elevation above sea level in mountainous areas and high mountain, subject to harsh and changing weather conditions. Keep in mind these basic safety tips:

  • Find out the weather conditions before leaving.
  • Prepare itineraries with maps or guiding books and bring them always with you. If possible, use enhanced guidance and location systems (compass, altimeter, GPS ...).
  • Be aware of your physical condition and act accordingly.
  • Make estimates of the water and food needed.
  • The mountain is an experience to be shared. Try to enjoy it in company.
  • You have to be at the accommodation before 18.00h so we recommend to start walking early every day. Moreover, around midday and evening fogs and storms are frequent.
  • At the beginning of the summer there are still glaciers, it is strongly recommended to bring sticks and crampons in the pack.
  • Keep in mind that for much of the route there will be no mobile phone coverage, to call, or to download online cartography. Better take it already downloaded.
  • The hike Refugis del Torb has some slightly aerial points for those with vertigo. Thousands of people pass there every year, there is no any technical equipment required, and both are marked as GR, but better to prevent. One is the Engineers' Way, between Núria and Coma de Vaca, which has a possible alternative through the Torreneules pass. The other is the "Fireplace" of Canigó, the last 100 meters before the summit, which has no alternative at this side. Ask us what you want.

Basic Clothing

  • Good footwear is essential to make progress safely, the most important of all pieces of clothing.
  • The waterproof jacket is essential any time of the year. The weather may change within hours.
  • Always carry warm clothing for the body, head and hands, even at midsummer.
  • Cover your head with a visor or wide-brimmed hat to avoid sunstroke.
  • Put on high protection sunscreen 30 minutes before sun exposure.
  • Minimise the weight, you will walk much better. A sheet – sleeping-bag can be enough because the lodgements have blankets for everyone. And if you book the picnics you will only carry the daily packed lunch.
  • With the final booking document, we will hand you in a list with the recommended material to hike in Pyrenees.

Remember the emergency telephone number: 112. It is useful throughout Europe 24h.
Respect the environment. Take care of the flora, fauna and fragile ecosystems.


  • Mountain accidents insurance
  • Getting there:
    • Vall de Núria: can only be reached by walking or rack railway from Ribes de Freser or Queralbs. Ribes de Freser can be reached from Ripoll or Puigcerdà through the road N-260, or by train through the Barcelona – Puigcerdà line. Check rack railway schedules and prices at www.valldenuria.cat . 15% off upon display of the reservation for the Trek Refugis del Torb at the station.
    • Ulldeter: access the base of the ski resort Vallter 2000 through a paved road from Setcases. Setcases can be reached from Camprodon and Camprodon from Ripoll or Prats de Molló through the road C-38l (road D115 at the Vallespir side)
    • Refugi de Marialles: from Vilafranca de Conflent follow the road D116 to Cornellà, Vernet and Castell, and continue uphill to the Coll de Jou. A good mountain road leads to the shelter, but between July 1st and August 31st traffic is banned from the parking Randé. It takes about 40 minutes to walk to the refuge.
    • Mentet: from Vilafranca de Conflent follow the road D6 towards Sahorre, Pi and Mentet, surpassing the Coll de Mentet (1,761 m) through a narrow road.
  • Hiking with dogs: it is necessary to know that the regulations of the Natural Reserves of Pi, Mentet and Prats de Molló, which are crossed within three stages, prohibits the entry of dogs.
  • Tourist Offices:
  • Emergency telephone number: 112
  • Weather information:
  • With the final booking document, we will hand you in a list with the timetables and locations of public transports closed to the trekking stages.
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